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Girls like Girls by Chiara14 Girls like Girls :iconchiara14:Chiara14 16 2
[NUTS AND DOLTS] Wasn't Expecting That
It was packed.
A soft breeze of wind passed the young girl as she glanced around and noticed just how many more fans had arrived to stand in line in front of the theatre. She had been right to come here early and conquer a spot in front of the row, making the long hour of the newfound waiting game a bit more worth it.
Despite the chilly air surrounding her and the other visitors, Ruby Rose had never felt so warm before. Well, aside from snuggling into Yang's arms, of course. Yang was basically her personal heater. But her older sister wasn't here right now – and yet she felt the same warmth spreading throughout her body, easily making her ignore the cold that was late Autumn's embrace.
Ruby figured it was just the adrenaline. In about an hour or so she'd be sitting in a nice and comfy seat, staring at a gigantic screen as it played one of her favorite movie series of all time. The second the girl had heard they were finally making a sequel to the franchise, she had
:iconchiara14:Chiara14 10 2
[FREEZERBURN] Dance with somebody
She never understood her fellow classmates. She probably never will. Most of them claimed they hated school and that they felt pressured in learning new things – therefore not getting any joy out of it. That was a point she did understand. What she didn’t understand was the fact that these kids seemed to jump at the opportunity to come to the school building during the evening, simply because terrible pop and house music was blasting through the halls.
Weiss Schnee didn’t get it. If school wasn’t fun during the day, why bother coming here at night? What made the difference?
Was it the prospect of dancing and letting loose with your fellow classmates? Was it because this was an easy way to find out if your crush liked you back? Was it because someone always, without fail, managed to sneak in some alcohol to really get the party going?
Weiss had no clue. What she did know, however, was that she liked school better during the day.
Sure, everyone would still do thei
:iconchiara14:Chiara14 12 5
[FREEZERBURN] You are not alone
Being early might have been the worst thing that could have happened. While time usually wasn’t on her side, tonight it appeared to be. She regretted the decision to head out ten minutes earlier than she had planned, even if she otherwise would have spent those minutes severely bored in her own apartment. Anything but being too early.
It meant she was too eager, too desperate. If Yang Xiao Long was anything, she wasn’t desperate. She was the alpha and always got what she wanted, but never showed too much interest in anything to maintain her image. An image she was keen to keep – though it shattered into a million pieces right now.
The blonde was nervous because of it. She hardly ever showed up on time, let alone too early for her date to even show up himself. Yang didn’t know what the night would bring, but just thinking about it made her feel nauseous again. Before she could drown in her own thoughts, she quickly turned her attention to the kind waiter who took
:iconchiara14:Chiara14 10 2
The Mop Busters by Chiara14 The Mop Busters :iconchiara14:Chiara14 8 0 The Mummy by Chiara14 The Mummy :iconchiara14:Chiara14 2 0 Tyrogue Sprite by Chiara14 Tyrogue Sprite :iconchiara14:Chiara14 19 0 Summer Camp sprite by Chiara14 Summer Camp sprite :iconchiara14:Chiara14 8 2 Cecille and Sivar by Chiara14 Cecille and Sivar :iconchiara14:Chiara14 37 7 TFIL Background by Chiara14 TFIL Background :iconchiara14:Chiara14 0 0 TFIL Jordan by Chiara14 TFIL Jordan :iconchiara14:Chiara14 0 0 SugarPunch Lgbt Month by Chiara14 SugarPunch Lgbt Month :iconchiara14:Chiara14 3 0 Halloween Sivar by Chiara14 Halloween Sivar :iconchiara14:Chiara14 0 0 Shiki Misaki by Chiara14 Shiki Misaki :iconchiara14:Chiara14 5 1 Team SugarPunch by Chiara14 Team SugarPunch :iconchiara14:Chiara14 0 0 Celine by Chiara14 Celine :iconchiara14:Chiara14 0 2


Hello everyone! I’ll be opening up writing commissions since I’ll be needing the money to, y’know, live. So if you’ve got a special wish to see your favorite pairing in whatever light you’re thinking of, feel free to drop me a message!

What will you write about?
Currently I’m writing for fandoms as RWBY, Legend of Korra & Gravity Falls, but you may also hire me for original fiction, as long as you provide me the information that I need! The prompts and pairings will be completely up to you – but keep in mind that if a prompt or pairing isn’t to my own comfort, I will decline.

What are your boundaries?
Anything NSFW and degrading in my opinion. I’m very uncomfortable with the frickle frack, and I would like to refrain from rape fantasies and such as well. If the commission prompt isn’t to my liking, I’m allowed to refuse.

What about pricing?
My current guideline is €0,50 for each 100 words, meaning a 1000 words will only cost you €5,-!

Is there a preference for payment methods?
Yes, I will use Paypal only.

Where can I read my commissioned work of fiction?
That depends on your own wishes. I would like to post them on fanfiction if it’s for a fandom and maybe add Deviantart in as well, but if you don’t want the work to be published, I will respect your wishes. We can discuss further details before commissioning.

Got any examples of stories?
Yes! You can find most of my work on SugarPunch. This account is shared, however! My pen name on there is mod Cecille.

Have any other questions?
You can always contact me on Deviantart with a Note or on my profile. Don’t be shy, I won’t bite!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
20 | ♀ | Lesbian | Writer | Graduated Game Artist | Dutch




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